A fan-made project that has swiftly become a multimedia pop culture platform. The company covers music, film, art, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With EnVi, I oversee a team of 10 members across the globe. We work together to create all the graphic content featured on the site. I helped to develop the initial branding and am striving to gain recognition with our branding and visual content.
Chief Creative Officer: Malkia Peterson
Art Direction
For this event, I lead a team of designers to create collateral for the aespa Next Level Fan Event. This event was a collaboration with EnVi Media, Warner Records, and SM Entertainment USA. The team developed marketing collateral and product designs to support the event.  #EnViEvents
Art Director:
Malkia Peterson
Designers: Alexandra Angelo, Carolyne Chang, Jenny Dieng, Jenessa Edora, Alex Handaja, Kaia Morrison, and Niamh Murphy
Fashion Related Designs
I worked closely with the Fashion Editor to produce in-article graphics. Together, we were able to develop a distinct style that was only present in their vertical. 
Malkia Peterson
Product Design
For this event, I developed an aespa sticker sheet for the exclusive Valentine Mixer Event. These sticker sheets were offered to fans as freebies during the event to use for the photo card decoration activity.  #EnViEvents
Malkia Peterson
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